gicol: winter comes
gicol: beauty still remains
gicol: life is beautiful
gicol: transition
gicol: living for today
gicol: beyond boundaries
gicol: leisure time
gicol: continuing the play
gicol: the noon of thought
gicol: here to make a contribution
gicol: growing wings
gicol: the home of another
gicol: the lives next to us
gicol: weapon against nature
gicol: like a crowd in a small space
gicol: dreamers are lonely
gicol: away from myself
gicol: no matter who
gicol: no lines in nature
gicol: better on the other side
gicol: the glow and the glare
gicol: a lot of stories to tell
gicol: different directions
gicol: prayer
gicol: I climb alone
gicol: standing
gicol: strange beauty
gicol: straight
gicol: The business of being static
gicol: The opportunity to play