gicol: to another world
gicol: something to aim at
gicol: Every action
gicol: betrayed by destination
gicol: the courage to continue
gicol: the happiness you bring
gicol: What I like
gicol: primavera
gicol: it must be north
gicol: within the frame
gicol: open to everything
gicol: a transfer of feelings
gicol: patiently waiting
gicol: Into each life
gicol: into this mess
gicol: Hold fast to dreams
gicol: The inward harmony of the soul
gicol: in someone else's shoes
gicol: patterns
gicol: live in the light of your soul
gicol: always too busy
gicol: winter comes
gicol: beauty still remains
gicol: life is beautiful
gicol: transition
gicol: living for today
gicol: beyond boundaries
gicol: leisure time
gicol: continuing the play
gicol: the noon of thought