paulclayton3: 004 Amalfi Harbour.
paulclayton3: 005 Amalfi Coast
paulclayton3: 003 Houses built under the Road.
paulclayton3: 002 Notice the Church built on top of the Apartments.
paulclayton3: 001 Amalfi Town.
paulclayton3: The Magnificent Amalfi Coast
paulclayton3: 001 Sky on Fire
paulclayton3: Rose (2)
paulclayton3: Rose after a shower.
paulclayton3: Dappled Light and Reflections.
paulclayton3: A Couple of Fungi making a Home in the Sunshine
paulclayton3: 002 Still hard at it.
paulclayton3: 001 Webb building
paulclayton3: 003 MOVING ON TO THE NEXT ONE.
paulclayton3: 002 COMMING IN FOR A COLLECTION.
paulclayton3: 001 I SPY POLEN.
paulclayton3: 001 Hubbards Hills, Louth Lincolnshire.
paulclayton3: 002 Zoom in on this beautiful flower.
paulclayton3: 001 Beautiful Gladiolus
paulclayton3: After a Heavy Shower
paulclayton3: Dramatic Lincolnshire Sunset.
paulclayton3: 001 Peacock Butterflies.
paulclayton3: Beautiful Red Dianthus in Full Bloom
paulclayton3: Basking in the Evening Sun.
paulclayton3: White Rose of Summer
paulclayton3: Paris Cafe Culture
paulclayton3: SUNSHINE and SHADE.
paulclayton3: Beautiful White Campanula.
paulclayton3: 002 Sunshine falls softly on my Petals
paulclayton3: Sun Flower's as far as the eye could see.