Alfred J. Lockwood Photography: Bald Eagle_T3W1008_27A7715
Earl Reinink: Cover your face..
ivanvieito: Fluye
Janette Paltian: Colorful forest (explored)
Sebastian'R: ooooo1
shawn~white: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
dr.klaustrumm: Spaltblättlinge
magdalena203: Autumn..
zoomclic: RED TULIPS..
zoomclic: RED LEAVES..
zoomclic: LEFTOVERS..
Graham Daly Photography: Benvoy Sunset [EXPLORED]
Kurt ( Rhacophorus nigropalmatus_MG_7236 copy
flo73400: Isolé
duartesol: Soft Giants - Part II
macdelou: crossing brun-2
heinrich.hehl: Vogelbeeren im Reifmantel - Rowan berries in a hoop coat
.niraw: Pilz (explored)
sjs61: Um, Excuse Me
antoniopedroni photo: Family e lavanda
Katarina Holmstrom: Almost gone 2
Zalo Saavedra: Frailecillo-0K4A9938-d
raewillow: Bittersweet
Dmitriy Ryabov: High Style
Larry PF: Blackbird Silhouetted
Hoffmann Bodo: Trudi und Wilma auf Couch
Peter Quinn1: European Grey Wolf Portrait