Bong Manayon: Totally Random Goat
ALANSCOTT1: Sister on the steps of the Cathedral in Santander
jarle.kvam: IMGP9443-Edit-Edit
Karrez Majik: kerpenhir
ALANSCOTT1: B&W Turbine Sunrise
ALANSCOTT1: The Avon Valley
ALANSCOTT1: No. 1 Door Tavira
ALANSCOTT1: Glengavel Boat House 090619
ALANSCOTT1: Louden Hill Poppies
ALANSCOTT1: Blowin' In The Wind (Poppies)
fs999: Little Lake
/\ /\/ /\/ /\: P7240342 - P7240356
/\ /\/ /\/ /\: OP7240156ORF - OP7240174ORF-1_02
kaneto974: Kylemore Abbey
Benny W Photography: Start up Dancing
Benny W Photography: golden field
normalp2010: the pier
Jacques Isner: Etretat
Jacques Isner: Les cabanons
Napafloma-Photographe: S'échapper #2
mich53 - thank you for your comments and 6M view: la péniche en hiver DSCF1096
Sultan Sultani: Cloudy Day
Sultan Sultani: Gull in Flight
Sultan Sultani: Lake Reflection