homesickATLien: In the depths of the soul, there lies the truth
homesickATLien: For every moment the sea is peace and relief, there is another when it shivers and stirs to become chaos. It’s just as ready to claim as it is to offer.
homesickATLien: Tokyo Flow
homesickATLien: Shibuya rush
homesickATLien: Shibuya crossing
homesickATLien: It's always around me, all this noise, but. Not nearly as loud as the voice saying
homesickATLien: Another season changes. And still my days are shapeless.
homesickATLien: There’s just a stranger livin’ in me
homesickATLien: Time doesn’t click on and on like a stroke. It comes and goes in waves and folds like water, it flutters and sifts like dust, rises, billows, falls back on itself.
homesickATLien: Some kind of blue
homesickATLien: I'm gazing out the window. As I ascend into the sky. But I'm the one who's left behind
homesickATLien: As you set your eyes to the wind
homesickATLien: Like the brutal autumn sun. It dawns on me, what have I done?
homesickATLien: Light was changing on the water. Where birds above had flown
homesickATLien: I know your eyes in the morning sun.
homesickATLien: I saw it different, I must admit. I caught a glimpse, I'm going after it.
homesickATLien: I was blinded by a memory. Like it's someone else, like it wasn't me.
homesickATLien: And the day will come, and then it will pass
homesickATLien: And in the air of today is tomorrow's dust
homesickATLien: Morning ritual dip
homesickATLien: A smile and a hand mix like water with sand
homesickATLien: Opalescent
homesickATLien: Still water runs deep
homesickATLien: Am I just living in the space between. The beauty and the pain.
homesickATLien: Love is like a ghost in the distance, out of reach