homesickATLien: Wide eyed with childhood wonder
homesickATLien: This time is falling down. But falling leaves hang on for life
homesickATLien: With enough self-control to hide the lump in his throat caused not by terror but by sadness, he could no longer endure the unmerciful reality that came pouring in through the window
homesickATLien: As we walk in fields of gold
homesickATLien: You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
homesickATLien: Many years have passed since those summer days
homesickATLien: Upon the fields of barley
homesickATLien: You’ll remember me when the west winds moves
homesickATLien: Leaves are falling down like rain
homesickATLien: Dancin’ shadow
homesickATLien: And fade out again
homesickATLien: I was always hungry. Just once. I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it - to be fed so much love I couldn’t take any more. Just once.
homesickATLien: As the sun went down we swam in the sea by the fading light.
homesickATLien: In the evening light we played outside in the wheat fields
homesickATLien: I said take me back to those golden days of the summer. Over there behind those distant hills I remember.
homesickATLien: As I look out into the endless sea. The vastness indeed speaks to me.
homesickATLien: The breath of the morning. I keep forgetting. The smell of the warm summer air
homesickATLien: Lost in the dream. Or just the silence of a moment?
homesickATLien: An ocean in between the waves
homesickATLien: Beach house tranquility
homesickATLien: Morning ice bath
homesickATLien: Cerulean sky. Lay on my back and watch the clouds roll by
homesickATLien: All this running around. I can't fight it much longer