Daniel.35690: Qu'est-ce . . . ?
Gilles Daligand: Vietnam - Dans les rues de Hoi An
maartenappel: Bijna voor bij
Stan S. Gallery: February - Forefathers Burying Ground on a wintry, foggy day
BorisToronto: 02204-3
mgirard011: Lake Wanaka
mgirard011: Upper Tama Lake
mgirard011: Disko Bay, Groenland
mgirard011: Disko Bay, Groenland
mgirard011: Disko Bay, Groenland
echumachenco: At the half frozen Hintersee lake
echumachenco: Sunset and haze over the Berchtesgaden Alps
Graham S Paton: Reflections of coffee
alpenglowtravelers: Multi Course by Jim
Mike Thorn: Playground shadows
www.gilpivert.fr: Inondations autour de Notre Dame (avec sa flèche)
pascalcolin1: The crouching woman
*LiliAnn*: Still Life with Onions
vidjanma: 17112019-DSC_0040
vidjanma: 25122018-DSC_0062
vidjanma: 03092017-DSC_0066
Per Harald Olsen: Salix babylonica (Babylon willow or weeping willow) Sørgepil
Per Harald Olsen: Whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus)
Per Harald Olsen: Brown bear (Ursus arctos)
Per Harald Olsen: Wolf (Canis lupus), gray wolf
Per Harald Olsen: Pulsatilla vernalis (spring pasqueflower, arctic violet, lady of the snows)
jocelynengi: Seine flood in 26-01-2018
jocelynengi: Mutianyu section of the Great Wall08-05-17_0089