Paul Dermot Gallagher: Wigeon arriving.
Paul Dermot Gallagher: Late evening, Taiwan. (on explore)
dingerd11: tip of the icicle
LuciaLin: 白耳畫眉
Oliver Zillich: Conserved
tiggerpics2010: Showing your age...
shin ikegami: This work is 6/24 works taken on 2020/11/1
tiggerpics2010: If you go down to the woods today...
judithjackson957: Cloudgate Reflection
Paul Dermot Gallagher: Gate, mist and tracks.
Oliver Zillich: White Flag
SaBi BeK: Black Forest
Oliver (Wolbadger): Cobblestone street
Karsten Gieselmann: Black beauty
Pejasar: Tree in the sky
yabberdab: Nature's Rhythm and Hues
Paul Dermot Gallagher: Dawn on Nene Valley. Gunwade Lake.
Oliver Zillich: Underworld
Peter Hill1: Leura Falls Study
Fr@ηk: indifference
Paul Dermot Gallagher: After a heavy dew. Dandelion in morning sunshine.
Fred_St: Autumn colours - DSC09396-bewerkt-2.jpg
rama_77: Flying Flamingos
SaBi BeK: Löwenzahn (Taraxacum)
Andi Fritzsch: Weitblick
Paul Dermot Gallagher: Dew on Spider's Web.
Marie du 35.: Maison de bourg breton.
Oliver Zillich: Itsy Bitsy Spider