dgangle: Mallards - playing in the fountain at night
dgangle: Great Blue Heron - frog dinner
dgangle: Monarch Butterfly - with bumblebee photobomber
dgangle: Great Blue Heron - wings spread
dgangle: Woodchuck
dgangle: Pair of Monarch Butterflies
dgangle: Great Blue Heron - after Hurricane Laura blew through
dgangle: Little 6 Point Buck - in the cemetery
dgangle: Fawn in the Cemetery
dgangle: Monarch Butterfly
dgangle: Fawn - lying in the grass
dgangle: Great Gray Owl
dgangle: Double-crested Cormorant - in flight
dgangle: Northern Shoveler Drake - up close
dgangle: Wood Duck Drake - head shot
dgangle: American Bald Eagle - real close
dgangle: Redhead Drake - up close
dgangle: Wood Duck Drake w/ reflection
dgangle: Brown Thrasher - been digging for dinner
dgangle: Honeybee and a Rose
dgangle: Snowy Egret - fly-by
dgangle: Cooper’s Hawk - checking out the ducks
dgangle: Brown Thrasher
dgangle: Wood Duck Hen - with chicks
dgangle: Lotus Blossom & Seed Pod
dgangle: Gus - Baby Silverback Gorilla
dgangle: Cattle Egret - fly-by
dgangle: Dragonfly - up close
dgangle: Trumpeter Swan
dgangle: Male Red-winged Blackbird