dgangle: Little Green Heron - large mouth black bass lunch
dgangle: Dozen Mallards
dgangle: Mallard Hen - up close
dgangle: Mallard Drake - standing tall
dgangle: Bald Eagle - close up
dgangle: Mallard Drake - head shot
dgangle: Bald Eagle
dgangle: Harris Hawk - up close
dgangle: Goldenrod - full of bees
dgangle: Three Wild Turkeys - strutting their stuff trying to impress the females
dgangle: Wild Turkey - male
dgangle: Polar Bear Fight
dgangle: Polar Bears
dgangle: Polar Bear - real close
dgangle: Polar Bear - disagreement
dgangle: Grizzly Bear
dgangle: Hippopotamus - on the surface
dgangle: Grizzly Bear - profile
dgangle: Atlantic Puffin
dgangle: Pensive Penguin - up close
dgangle: Pink Flamingo - bath time
dgangle: Prairie Dog
dgangle: Lion - portrait
dgangle: Three-toed Box Turtle - male
dgangle: Sunset on the Red River
dgangle: Lizard - profile
dgangle: Lizard - licking his lips
dgangle: DSC_0097
dgangle: Opening Ceremony
dgangle: DSC_0084