jangurney: DSC04692 - NZ Bellbird. Captain Cook explained it's song as 'like small bells exquisitely tuned'. This one is at Auckland Zoo, and most people are not likely to see one in the wild.
jangurney: DSC02056 - ID anyone? (and it's not a sparrow) It's beak is longer and sharper and it seemed to prefer to be on the ground and it's chest was whiteish with brown streaks.
jangurney: DSC05664 Wood pigeons loving these berries
jangurney: DSC02671 NZ native wood pigeon.
jangurney: DSC01678 NZ wood pigeon
jangurney: DSC00532 - Getting closer to capturing that full fan....
jangurney: North Island kaka "the clown of the forest".
jangurney: DSC_5589 Pulled over at a popular spot for taking photos and got attacked by keas, intent on stripping everything off the roof of our bus. We made a hasty retreat with no photos of the scenery.
jangurney: DSC_4108 Tui
jangurney: P1320162 Finally got a shot of a 'can't sit still for a second' fantail. Now to get one with his tail in a fan.
jangurney: DSC_3939 Kea chewing away at an old log.
jangurney: P1310769 "Have ya got food, I want food" NZ Weka
jangurney: DSC_6081- I hopped out to take a photo of them and this fellow hopped in. New Zealand weka. They were at a car park so I guess they are used to people and taking food from them.
jangurney: P1310773 Weka
jangurney: DSC_2421 - Kea at Orana Wildlife Park, Christchurch
jangurney: IMG_0203 - Tui
jangurney: P1150593 - Caught red handed (red beaked) stealing the loquats...
jangurney: P1170405 - In the loquat tree - comes every day.
jangurney: P1170639 Kingfisher and as always just that little bit too far away and thru the car window.
jangurney: P1180211 - NZ Tui
jangurney: P1200586 NZ Weka on the beach at Russell, Nthld.
jangurney: DSCN6130 - NZ Takahe, Auckland Zoo, NZ
jangurney: DSC08906 - NZ tui in my backyard this 23rd day of lockdown.
jangurney: DSCN3300 - This chap flew in and just as quickly flew out. NZ wood pigeon.
jangurney: DSCN0728 A little (can't sit still for 1 second) fantail - Piwakawaka
jangurney: DSCN0912 NZ Wood pigeon - Kereru. As a was taking the photo I could see him blowing out his chest. In the big pine tree at the bottom of the garden..
jangurney: DSC06102 - tui - nz native