jangurney: DSC06007 GONE FISHING 1.
jangurney: DSC01905 - heavily cropped. Someone was too lazy to do his own fishing and tried to steal the fish.
jangurney: DSC01904 - heavily cropped. After a long battle he finally got it down.
jangurney: DSC01896 - heavily cropped as they were a long way off
jangurney: DSC01819 - heavily cropped
jangurney: DSC06026 GONE FISHING 2.
jangurney: DSC06027 GONE FISHING 3.
jangurney: DSC06028 GONE FISHING 4.
jangurney: DSC06030 GONE FISHING 5.
jangurney: This fellow was really enjoying his bathtime
jangurney: DSC_3121 - Old wharf where ALL the cormorants hang out in Oamaru.
jangurney: P1300658 - Cormorant- this was a spotty one different from the ones we have up north
jangurney: DSC_0618
jangurney: P1220177
jangurney: DSCN0749 - Sleeping Beauty
jangurney: DSCN1791
jangurney: Everyone had their mouths open today. (blackbacked gull, cormorant, kingfisher, caspian tern)
jangurney: DSC00033 This is the cormorant I've nick named "Funnyface" Haven't seen him for awhile.
jangurney: DSC05638 Shag resting in the flood waters