jangurney: DSC03853 - Myna
jangurney: This is Morrie the talking myna. He lives free around the grounds of the Whangarei Bird Recovery centre. My young grandsons were fasinated with him today. He is a very clever little bird.
jangurney: Morrie the talking myna
jangurney: 4 myna birds fighting - what a noise!
jangurney: P1020629
jangurney: P1170601 - Myna taking a rest in the springtime sun.
jangurney: P1180231
jangurney: DSCN3395
jangurney: DSCN3128 - Young myna yet to get his yellow eye feathers and legs.
jangurney: DSC08118
jangurney: DSCN7940 - And another myna
jangurney: DSC08362 - Myna on backyard fence
jangurney: DSCN0665 - Graffiti on the skateboard ramp makes a nice background for this mynah
jangurney: DSC06954 - Move over and make room for me.