jangurney: DSC_1777 Perfection
jangurney: DSC_1887 Dahlia
jangurney: DSC_1861 Dahlia
jangurney: DSC_2241 - Lucee Dog - I've just turned 77, and I love being curled up on my blankie.
jangurney: DSC_1265 - Pretty garden
jangurney: DSC_1877 Another dahlia
jangurney: DSC_2705
jangurney: DSC_2410 Orange on orange
jangurney: "Oranges and Lemons says the bells of .......
jangurney: DSC_2717 Pollen coated bumblebee
jangurney: DSC_3067 - Red-breasted plover aka NZ Dotterel
jangurney: Moon glistening on the water on a very cloudy night. Paihia, Northland, NZ
jangurney: Beautiful purple leaves
jangurney: Dahlia
jangurney: DSC_3331 Dahlia
jangurney: dahlia foursome
jangurney: DSC_3461 Portrait of a dog
jangurney: Baby Pink
jangurney: DSC_3517 - Our fiery sky tonight ahead of Cyclone Hola that hits us tomorrow.
jangurney: DSC_3147 - Pure and simple
jangurney: DSC_3553 - part of a Kina (sea egg)
jangurney: DSC_3595 - This little bee is someones dinner tonight
jangurney: DSC_3835 The last of the cosmos
jangurney: DSC_3792 Tides out but some nice reflections
jangurney: DSC_3920
jangurney: DSC_4007 - Aloe albiflora from Madagascar
jangurney: Hiding...
jangurney: DSC_4181 - Rose
jangurney: A jar fill of marbles