jangurney: DSC_9636 1...2...3...lets go.......................................
jangurney: DSC_0500 At sunset Lake Taupo
jangurney: P1280348 - Cafe sign in Turangi, NZ
jangurney: DSC_0872 Very late in the season for such small babies. Living in luxury at a mariner near Turangi.
jangurney: DSC_0992
jangurney: DSC_0320 The world famous Huka Falls, Taupo, NZ
jangurney: DSC_0361 Canoeing on Lake Taupo, NZ
jangurney: P1280304 - Sunset at Lake Taupo.
jangurney: DSC_0377 Mariner at Taupo
jangurney: P1280461 - Palmerston North Rose Garden after the rain
jangurney: P1280554 The trouble with taking photos out the window as you are travelling along is that there is always a sign or post or tree that comes along and gets in your way.
jangurney: P1280468 Palmerston North Rose Garden after the rain
jangurney: P1290243 Two of many starlings at Kaikoura.
jangurney: DSC_1867
jangurney: DSC_2421 - Kea at Orana Wildlife Park, Christchurch
jangurney: DSC_1675 Was glad to see the seals have still got a home on the Kaikoura coastline after losing their old home in the Kaikoura earthquakes.
jangurney: P5170680 - Lake Tekapo
jangurney: P5170462
jangurney: P1290554 - NZ scaup
jangurney: P1290569
jangurney: DSC_0618
jangurney: DSC_3063 Not far out of Omarama, South Island, NZ
jangurney: P1300658 - Cormorant- this was a spotty one different from the ones we have up north
jangurney: DSC_3739 - Maybe from the finch family?
jangurney: DSC_3728 - Rain drops and a red rose.
jangurney: DSC_3394 - Blackbird scratching for worms amongst the autumn leaves. Oamaru Gardens.
jangurney: P1300380 - Rose bud in the Oamaru Gardens.
jangurney: DSC_3746 - Finch family I think.
jangurney: DSC_3121 - Old wharf where ALL the cormorants hang out in Oamaru.
jangurney: P1310194