jangurney: Wishful thinking
jangurney: When shadows make you look cool
jangurney: Practising her best surfing moves
jangurney: Day at the beach on a winters day
jangurney: Happy Christmas Everyone
jangurney: 1.6.1970 = 47 yrs married today (Where have those years gone)
jangurney: DSC_0657 - Calf Club Day is just 2 days away and when you are only 5 baby calves are still bigger and stronger. "Don't just stand there Nan, help me"
jangurney: Preparing for Calf Club Day.
jangurney: Portrait of an 'angel' playing peek a boo
jangurney: Day at the Zoo
jangurney: P1050788 - Why do we have to wait till Christmas? He's only 2 and doesn't talk yet, but the look on his face says it all. (My husband won them in a 'guess how many' (617)
jangurney: Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year. Special memory made tonight with some of the grandies.
jangurney: P1140203 - No calves allowed at Calf Club day this year so lambs it is.
jangurney: 50th Wedding Anniversary