mpmark: A gorgeous Saw Whet owl poses for me before he heads back into the depths of the tree.
Khurram Khan...: Nothing to see here
Maxime Legare-Vezina: Cross fox - Renard croisé - Vulpes vulpes
christianweber2405: Weißkopfseeadler
j.arnold32: Golden stag
Matthias.Kahrs: Hermelin (Mustela erminea)
j.arnold32: Autumn
Bernie Duhamel: American Bald Eagle
Wizmatt: Lone stag
Dr DAD (Daniel A D'Auria MD): A Trophy Bestowed 3I2735
ayres_leigh: Saw-whet
Dr DAD (Daniel A D'Auria MD): Frozen Kiss 3I8161
Brian P Slade Photography: A Detailed Look
Claudia Brockmann: Lusi the Sunsetlover
Ib Aarmo: Misty morning
Melanie Leeson: Meet Curly, Moe and Joe’s pal.
matt.kueh: Streaming In
Lamson**NG: Does the ocean sleep?
MindfulnessArt: Smile...You'll get by
MindfulnessArt: Un écureuil dans la tempête Brrrrr! /Snowstorm Squirrel Brrrrr!
Claudia Brockmann: Long-Eared Owl in the Poppies
Robert Fredagsvik - Norway: Fjellrev - Arctic fox
nbs.fotografie: Tafelente/ pochard
Cameron Darnell: Common Loon
jlf_photo: Petite bouille
ayres_leigh: Great Blue Heron
Pose Nature: Dans les nuages