zdanneels: Curves
zdanneels: Colorful Morning
zdanneels: 800 Foot Drop
zdanneels: Into the Light
zdanneels: Buddies
zdanneels: Cool Morning
zdanneels: Sticky Mess (Explored)
zdanneels: Black-chinned Hummingbird
zdanneels: Golden Afternoon (Explored)
zdanneels: Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge
zdanneels: The Duck Hunter (Explored)
zdanneels: Cornish-Windsor
zdanneels: Gang of Five
zdanneels: Only Yellowstone (Explored)
Pablo GE: Fall is here
Pablo GE: Enjoying the sun
Pablo GE: Male Wood Duck
Pablo GE: Bosque del Apache Racoon
Pablo GE: Yes mamaaaa, I am coming (ABQ Zoo)
Pablo GE: Look at me
Pablo GE: Scenic Moose
Pablo GE: Giant Leap
Pablo GE: Cool Background
Pablo GE: Breaking Trail
Pablo GE: Jump Jump
Pablo GE: Moose Paradise
Pablo GE: Yellowstone Coyote
Pablo GE: Perched Bald Eagle
Pablo GE: Hey, let's block the road
Pablo GE: Young Bison in High Key