available purpose: Autumn lake...
延誌: 淡水
延誌: 金針花.60石山
Paul Helling: 03 January 2016 - Eye's of a Tiger
Paul Helling: 05 March 2016 - Ruth Does Tiedye
Paul Helling: 15 April 2016 - Glasblowing Student
Paul Helling: Pearl and Isabelle at the Salton Sea (33)
Paul Helling: PSH_6902
Paul Helling: PSH_6927
available purpose: "Silver" potholes, Treungen, Norway.
available purpose: When the sun hits me with love for a new day:-)
available purpose: Sunset by the Ocean. Norway.
available purpose: Wintersleep by the fjord
available purpose: By the ocean...
tonyairpics: lro-1m
tonyairpics: lro-1c
延誌: 赤科山
Gisela717: Repairs
Gisela717: _DSF1729-Edit
maczeug2: Chain in water
maczeug2: Mirror, mirror, in the water
延誌: 大稻埕情人節煙火秀
延誌: 中正紀念堂
marc.barrot: Regent’s Canal at City Road Lock
marc.barrot: Flower Power …
延誌: 雙溪河畔
延誌: 關渡漁港
tonyairpics: a lro 10-11
tonyairpics: lro 10-31A
tonyairpics: lro 10-31 G-CHII