Ϯ Lou ShAdoW Ϯ .: Qu'importe
liza.broono: Foxy x MoonRabbit - Mirai @ equal10
meicke88: Thank you so much, dear Rhiana, for chosing my picture as groupscover, I feel very honored, kisses & hugs.💘ღ I ♥
sam marville: My Love Song to you
sam marville: Happiness is a long hot bath
Morgaine Blackrain: School's Out .
tram (moca loup): tram M0608 hair
WearBlueberry: Blueberry - Ace Pride Tee - Group Gift
Kyron.: fall nap
Jewel Doune: Traveling: Autum Trace
Pekenna Bohm: 🐾 OVERPASS
meicke88: Thank you so much for the beautiful group cover, dear Monika Beauté What a beautiful surprise! I'm very honored and so happy.💋💋
Jewel Doune: CIUDAD INK - ♔ El PaTiO ♔ - ( Second Life )
kyoka jun: Soothing Serenade
Kess Crystal @ The Glamour Sauce: All the Man That I Need
- coco - ::C'est la vie!::: 🎀Double Giveaway🎀 + ::C'est la vie !:: Lois Beret at SCHOOLDAY
Skippy Beresford: We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.
baby blossom: cheezu. summer serafuku
Naku Voxel: [Yomi] Cecile Hair + Giveaway
Wolf Braham of SL: Looking at My Love
promitor: promitor_3519173221
promitor: promitor_3519173221
JJ Goodman :): Ready for the Weekend ?
Ivo Rossini: Billy Joel Colllection - The Entertainer