Kath's photos: Flora Abstract
Gibbom: Winter Woodland 220117/02
Gibbom: The Fall
Lindi m: Supremacy
McBruce: Tide Lines I
Moises Levy L: Challenge
Matt Oliver.: Autumn beech
John Ormerod: Pre-dawn
@ttomab: Flowing river of sand
Albert Wirtz @ Landscape and Nature Photography: *Val d'Orcia @ Valley of Poetry*
Captures.ch: Fog lines - Belchenflue
garrysmith~photogaphy: Pastel Birches.
tobchasinglight: Colour of Winter
Sveta Imnadze: Mt Rainier at Reflection Lake (Mt Rainier NP, WA)
andrea hallgass: Trachusa cf. byssina (Panzer, 1798)
missymandel: Purple finch (male)
Juan María Coy: The lone Yellow House - Sakrisøy (Nordland, Norway)
Arnaud Grimaldi: Val di Fanes
Ryan Dyar: Relic of the River
Ryan Dyar: Meltdown
Ryan Dyar: The Smoking Room
PhilCorleyPhoto: Rock-pool and Clouds (Reboot)
enricofossati: Heimdall's gaze
franksteinmann: The Light
Iker Aizkorbe: Oihanean barrena (Inside the jungle)