NaturewithMar: Cardinal
NaturewithMar: Ruddy Duck female
NaturewithMar: Juvenile Cardinal in the snow
NaturewithMar: Red bellied woodpecker portrait
NaturewithMar: Sleeping beauty
NaturewithMar: House sparrow
NaturewithMar: Lesser Scaup duck
NaturewithMar: Juvenile cardinal
NaturewithMar: Albino squirrel
NaturewithMar: Cooper's hawk
NaturewithMar: Mouring dove
NaturewithMar: Starling
NaturewithMar: Portrait cardinal male
NaturewithMar: Red bellied woodpecker male
NaturewithMar: Female Khaki Campbell Duck
NaturewithMar: Autumn... your presence speaks to my soul and I cannot wait for our next conversation
NaturewithMar: Cardinal juvenile portrait
NaturewithMar: Blue Jay
NaturewithMar: Loon in a fall day
NaturewithMar: Pretty in pink
NaturewithMar: Monarch
NaturewithMar: Cardinal male juvenile
NaturewithMar: Cardinal female juvenile
NaturewithMar: Juvenile Starling
NaturewithMar: Chipmunk
NaturewithMar: Happy first day of autumn!
NaturewithMar: Last colors of summer..
NaturewithMar: House sparrow
NaturewithMar: Red admiral