NaturewithMar: Happy Friday!!
NaturewithMar: White-crowned sparrow bird
NaturewithMar: Summer colors
NaturewithMar: Oh summer please don't go!
NaturewithMar: House wren
NaturewithMar: Blue heron portrait
NaturewithMar: "To me flowers are happiness"
NaturewithMar: Oriole male
NaturewithMar: Good morning sunshine
NaturewithMar: Muscovy Duck Female
NaturewithMar: Muscovy Duck Male
NaturewithMar: Juvenile Robin HFF!
NaturewithMar: “To walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles.”
NaturewithMar: "Some days it storms, some days it shines. This is how flowers grow."
NaturewithMar: Albino squirrel
NaturewithMar: Dove Juvenile
NaturewithMar: "Let's find some beautiful place to get lost"
NaturewithMar: Oriole Female
NaturewithMar: Butterflies are God’s confetti, thrown upon the Earth in celebration of His Love.- K. D’Angelo
NaturewithMar: Goldfinch bird
NaturewithMar: Young Robin
NaturewithMar: "She was a wildflower in love with the sun".- Melanie Koulouris
NaturewithMar: Young RWB Female
NaturewithMar: Monarch
NaturewithMar: Oriole portrait
NaturewithMar: Lily flower
NaturewithMar: Cedar Waxwing bird