felipe bosolito: 60082235
Izakigur: Swiss Autumn time, Chemin des Crêtes du Jura , the Chasseral . Canton Of Bern. Switzerland.izakigur no. 153 B 10.10.10, 16:44:42.
Izakigur: Taken in La Chaux-de-Fonds at Winter time.Canton of Neuchatel, Switzerland. February 25, 2009.No. 34.
koen_jacobs: Skater
koen_jacobs: Tunnel
felipe bosolito: DSCF6453
felipe bosolito: 17060151
Izakigur: Sunset of 12 12 12. The last night is not coming yet .....)))
Izakigur: My Switzerland in Black and white : A cow and the mighty Eiger. Izakigur No. 8489.
Izakigur: Zurich by stormy night.29.12.17, 21:47:06 .BH 4104.
Izakigur: Verbier Mont Fort Panorama 2011 15
Izakigur: Winter's sunset. La Tourne, Canton of Neuchatel, Switzerland. 12 12 12 Panorama no. 1.
Mr B Eyes open: #Sunset All & any day. What to say. Mad days, sad days, challenging days, glad days, beautiful days, happy days. Light & dark days, sunny & rainy days. Acceptance of what is & to be the best you can be. As all days have a cycle to go through
www.matteocarta.net: Stilt Fishermen
pascal0678: Dancing with light
rockinmonique: mosh pit
Johann's photography: The calm before the storm
Jean-Luc Peluchon: Rainbow on the city
Jean-Luc Peluchon: Straight ahead
Jean-Luc Peluchon: All together
Jarno Savinen: Fire in the sky
James Yu Photography: Baby Seal Port Fairy