Izakigur: Bachalpsee at Autumn time no. 824 5 6 .October 18, 2020 , Grindelwald, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.
Izakigur: Autumn time in Stellisee , Zermatt. No. 293 294 295. Canton of Valais, Switzerland.
Izakigur: La Chaux-de-Fonds in Autumn Time. No. 61.
Izakigur: The big wall of the Eiger . The Mönch , the Jungfrau & the Lauberhorn mountains. A view from the Männlichen. Canton of Bern. Switzerland. No. 158.
Izakigur: Walking under The Mönch Mountain (4,105 m alt. ), the Glacier of the Eiger And the Jungfarujoch. No. 1361.
Izakigur: End of the summer in the Stellisee (Zermatt). Panorama.izakigur No. 62 63, 12:05:33. Canton of Valais, Switzerland.
Izakigur: The village of Épesses ; Canton of Vaud. Switzerland.Izakigur No 36, 27.08.20, 13:50:08.
Izakigur: Train station under the mighty Eiger. Canton of Bern, Switzerland. No. 7774.
Izakigur: Lauterbrunnen ; the Staubbach Fall at autumne time.Canton of Bern, Switzerland. No. 911.
Izakigur: Hiking the Schynige Platte ;The Wetterhorn (3,692 m) & The Finsteraarhorn (4,274 m (14,022 ft) Canton of Bern , Switzerland. No. 497.
Izakigur: My Switzerland. ; The Schwarzhorn , the Bachalpsee and the Wetterhorn. Canton of Bern, Switzerland. No. 0219.
Izakigur: Morning time on the Schwarzhorn (near First , Canton of Bern , Switzerland).No, 0069. 9
Izakigur: On the bank of the Thielle Canal. Sur les bergs du Canal de la Thielle. No. 3968..
Izakigur: Summer 2020 , the Bachalpsee panorama no. 2. Grindelwald, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.
Izakigur: HaPPy Birthday Switzerland ; Alpine Panorama in First, Grindelwald. Canton of Bern Switzerland. izakigur 19 07 20 no. 234567 8.
Izakigur: Happy Birthday Switzerland. The Matterhorn in the Beginning of the summer. Zermatt, Canton Valais, Switzerland. No. 916.
Izakigur: Let's go to see the Matterhorn. Zermatt, Canton of Valais , Switzerland. No. 9504.
Izakigur: The Empty Bench in front of Monte Rosa And the Gornergrat is waiting for you...! Zermatt , Kanton Valais, Switzerland. No. 0057.
Izakigur: Morning méditation in the Schcwarzsee,Zermatt. Canton of Valais , Switzerland. No. 9408.
Izakigur: Morning hiking near the Schwarzsee, Canton of Valais, Switzerland. No. 9395.
Izakigur: The Schwarzsee / Zermatt . No 9429.
Izakigur: Green eye. The Fallbodensee and the Schilthorn region . Berner Oberland , Switzerland. No. 7828.
Izakigur: Grindelwald ,The Bachalpsee A view to the Wetterhorn & the Finsteraarhorn & the Mighty Eiger. No. 9077.
Izakigur: Grindelwald ,The Bachalpsee & the Wetterhorn .No.9094.
Izakigur: Hiking in Switzerland ; Grindelwald , First , above Bachsee . No. 8968.
Izakigur: Let's go to see the Matterhorn from the Gornergrat . Canton of Valais, Switzerland. Izakigur No. 4229. Take care & stay safe )
Izakigur: The Matterhorn as it seen from the train to The Famous Gornergrat.No. 4118.
Izakigur: Lac de Fenêtre (2512m).and the Mont Blanc. The area of the Great St Bernard pass Val Ferret Switzerland / Italy / France No, 2448 .
Izakigur: Welcome to the Gornergrat. A view of the Matterhorn. Winter paradise.
Izakigur: Swiss summer time 17 "Dessine moi un mouton / draw me a sheep "(1) ! Ch. 2June 29, 2009. No, 99.