Izakigur: "Dessine moi un mouton, draw me a sheep..." In the Furkapass. Canton of Valais & Uri. Switzerland. No, 2036.
Izakigur: Climbing up to the famous Aiguille du Midi (Chamonix, France). Alpinisites sur Les Aiguille du Midi. (France) No. 1287.
Izakigur: This is the Greatest Show...Vive La France ! Feu d’artifice ,Tour Eiffel ; 14 juillet 2019, Fête nationale Paris. No. 532.
Izakigur: This is the greatest show...! Feu d’artifice Tour Eiffel 14 juillet 2019 Fête nationale Paris . No. 44.
Izakigur: Vive la France...! Le 14 Juillet à Paris . The National day of France ! No. 0126.
Izakigur: Vive la France...! Le 14 Juillet à Paris . The National day of France ! No. 0998.
Izakigur: This is me : My Alpine Paradise no. 2 : "Plan de La Chaux" and the "Massif of Mont Blanc". Taken from the "Lac de Fenêtre". Canton of Valais, Switzerland, Italy, France. Izakigur : 22.08.16, 13:06:48.
Izakigur: Sunrise near Monte Leone. Italy from Swiss border. No. 7089.
Izakigur: Between Mürren Birg and the Schilthorn. Looking at the Jungfrau and the lake of Grauseewli /Grauseeli .
Izakigur: Summer méditation. Lac de Fenêtre , Mont Blanc and the Grandes Jorasses ,The area of the Great St Bernard pass ,Canton of Valais, Switzerland . ; No. 2449.
Izakigur: The Klein Furkahorn and the Rhône Glacier .Switzerland. No. 2256
Izakigur: Sunrise on the Glacier of Monte Leone (3557m ) Switzerland / Italy . No, 7083.
Izakigur: Switzerland / The Cabane of Grand Mountet (2886m) . July 28,2010. no. 322.
Izakigur: Switzerland August 27,2009 Another one from Grimsel passe
Izakigur: The Chaltwassersee (2756 m) And Monte Leone (3557m ) Switzerland / Italy . No, 6841.
Izakigur: Zurich by stormy night.29.12.17, 21:47:06 .BH 4104.
Izakigur: I wish You HaPPy New Year 2019...! izakigur No. 1663.
Izakigur: Sweet Greetings from Luzern. No. 380.
Izakigur: Les Rochers de Tablettes and the Alpes,sunset of 12 12 12 .No 1628.
Izakigur: Hiking in Switzerland ; Grindelwald , First , above Bachsee . No. 8803.
Izakigur: "Dessine moi un mouton / draw me a sheep " Ch. 2. no. 2023. The Furka Pass and the Rôhne Glacier . Switzerland.
Izakigur: The Matterhorn , the Symbol of Switzerland. a view from the train to Gornergrat from Zermatt .No, 4213.
Izakigur: Hiking in Switzerland ; Grindelwald , First , above Bachsee . No. 8802.
Izakigur: Lauterbrunnen & Staubbach Fall at winter time. Canton of Bern , Switzerland.29.12.17, 13:38:51 . No, 3919.
Izakigur: The Hospice of Saint Bernard 2473 m 8114 ft and the Grand Combin (4,314m) .No. 9192.
Izakigur: Winter landscape , Vue hivernale sur la France depuis Les Brenets (Switzerland, France) Izakigur .29.01.19, 15:20:18 No. 190.
Izakigur: Smoke on the water. Spring time in Montreux. Canton of Vaud , Switzerland. izakigur no. 5445.
Izakigur: Amsterdam's state of mind , for twilight time lovers.01.08.17, 20:06:29 Izakigur no. 3880.
Izakigur: Le Doubs presque gelé. The Doubs River getting frozen . Frontière franco-suisse aux Brenets . Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. .29.01.19, 14:56:34 . No. 175.
Izakigur: Heart shaped lake. Lac de Fenêtre and the Mont Blanc Massif. No. 2432.