dawn.tranter: ..heading to the weekend with a sparkle in my eye..
dawn.tranter: ..together is our favourite place to be..
dawn.tranter: ..when it brings a smile..
dawn.tranter: ..the bridge of possibilities.. (explored, many thanks)
dawn.tranter: ..when the world throws you a lemon..
dawn.tranter: ..if I let you double me where will I put my handbag..
dawn.tranter: ..dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions..
dawn.tranter: ..to the moon and beyond..
dawn.tranter: ..it is in all of us this tiny spark..
dawn.tranter: ..a curve that refuses to flatten..
dawn.tranter: ..ok cinderalla, you pick..
dawn.tranter: ..bee kind, bee happy, bee patient..
dawn.tranter: ..having fun with colurful ol hubby;)
dawn.tranter: ..just when they thought they had the perfect hiding place..
dawn.tranter: ..aim for clarity of thought then muddle through..
dawn.tranter: ..learn to look at life from many angles..
dawn.tranter: ..hunting around for spirals..
dawn.tranter: ..step boldly, land softly..
dawn.tranter: .."how do you spell love Piglet...
dawn.tranter: ..they felt like perfect symmetry..
dawn.tranter: ..they looked at one another and wondered which truly was the ass
dawn.tranter: ..yo shady ladies..
dawn.tranter: ..a rustle in the wind reminds us a fairy is near..
dawn.tranter: .."mostly what we need is a special heart that listens"...(buddha) )
dawn.tranter: ..the light was on her..would she find her voice..
dawn.tranter: ..little red dot..
dawn.tranter: ..oh if we could fill one another with lightness..
dawn.tranter: ..fangs of the forest..(explored, thanks flickr friends)
dawn.tranter: ..handle with care..handle with love..
dawn.tranter: ..to sit upon a flower to contemplate..