dawn.tranter: ..burnt beauty..
dawn.tranter: ..faded grunge..
dawn.tranter: ..encore..
dawn.tranter: ..lead me where you will..
dawn.tranter: ..gaze..
dawn.tranter: ..i've got you in the palm of my hand..
dawn.tranter: ..reset the pause button occasionally, it's good for the soul..
dawn.tranter: ..the day that laughter set sail..
dawn.tranter: ..yes it's a lid..
dawn.tranter: ..you got to get up every morning..
dawn.tranter: ..organs of love..
dawn.tranter: ..the blood's running to my head so on ya way please..
dawn.tranter: ..I love the stream of life that has led me to you..
dawn.tranter: ..lightness of being..
dawn.tranter: ..escape from your bubble and reflect on it all..
dawn.tranter: ..follow in my footsteps..
dawn.tranter: ..I see you how I want to see you..
dawn.tranter: ..best brand is a worn out one.. "macro mondays" "brands and logos"
dawn.tranter: close your eyes, blow, make a wish..
dawn.tranter: .."within you is the light of a thousand suns"..
dawn.tranter: ..dance with me, who knows where it will lead..
dawn.tranter: ..don't forget to shine your light..
dawn.tranter: ..let's go..
dawn.tranter: ..you are but a vision caught by the light..
dawn.tranter: ..it really does come down to the wire for many things..
dawn.tranter: ..you crept up on me, please stay..
dawn.tranter: ..it is by far enough..
dawn.tranter: ..lost in the shadows found in the script..
dawn.tranter: ..gentleness of heart, ease of conversation..
dawn.tranter: ..little maids all in a row..