dawn.tranter: ..they felt like perfect symmetry..
dawn.tranter: ..they looked at one another and wondered which truly was the ass
dawn.tranter: ..yo shady ladies..
dawn.tranter: ..a rustle in the wind reminds us a fairy is near..
dawn.tranter: .."mostly what we need is a special heart that listens"...(buddha) )
dawn.tranter: ..little red dot..
dawn.tranter: ..oh if we could fill one another with lightness..
dawn.tranter: ..fangs of the forest..(explored, thanks flickr friends)
dawn.tranter: ..handle with care..handle with love..
dawn.tranter: ..to sit upon a flower to contemplate..
dawn.tranter: ..after all this time..
dawn.tranter: ..I think of my gorgeous ol mum and picture her here on this chair...
dawn.tranter: ..a blur of twirl..
dawn.tranter: ..words, like petals, fell easily from her lips..(explored, thanks flickr friends)
dawn.tranter: ..midnight dance festival..
dawn.tranter: ..is it that important to clamber to the top..(explored, thanks flickr friends)
dawn.tranter: ..surround me with love..
dawn.tranter: .."my wish.. to stay like this living quietly..
dawn.tranter: ..oh so this is what they mean by upwardly mobile..
dawn.tranter: ..nature is always pleased with simplicity..
dawn.tranter: ..layers of love..
dawn.tranter: ...dance til you are dizzy with hope..(explored, thanks flickr friends)
dawn.tranter: ..to lift ones spirits take a leaf full of bokeh a day..
dawn.tranter: ..still doin the job..
dawn.tranter: ..the bridge to bokeh land, come on over..
dawn.tranter: ..morning softly sighed..
dawn.tranter: ..hangin together..
dawn.tranter: ..she said there were no baked beans left..what was I to do..
dawn.tranter: ..life has its ups and downs...(explored)
dawn.tranter: ..I am, you are, I am you are, I am you are....