anna.kraft: alles hat ein Ende... Nummer 2
Alfred Grupstra: The Two Sky Sweepers
Lance (ランス): Forget me not
.Franziska: ...unterwegs
Berzou: DSC_8824_pn - Habropoda tarsata
Zoom58.9: Symphony of Silence
pedroramfra91: Hechizo
athanecon: sunset through the masts
Jasrmcf: Sony a7r 50mm 1.8
Sappho et amicae: Ladybug
AmenHopHis: Sexy, slim, elegant ... the attraction of the place
micke.vmix: Looking the other way
micsisto: Settembre 2005, Lago di Bolsena
micsisto: Pulcinella. Momenti di gioia che oggi sembrano persi
micsisto: Cirrocumulus ....
micsisto: Torre Febronia, medieval Abbey of San Guglielmo al Goleto
gmcolabrese: DSC_6121
gmcolabrese: DSC_6141
gmcolabrese: DSC_6019
gmcolabrese: DSC_6062
gmcolabrese: DSC_6013
...Pamela dot M: at Lackford Lakes
jacky.dartier: En passant par la Camargue... cliquer pour détails
yabberdab: Meltdown
Berin_73: Marienkäfer
Sascha Gebhardt Photography: Staircase Nr. 101
(Landscapes) every day is a journey: Mood of silence - thank you all!