profmarilena: 2020-10-134 illumination
profmarilena: DSC_0702 fragrant and wet
profmarilena: 2020-12-222 bright
profmarilena: DSC_3654 3 pomegranates ( in Explore )
profmarilena: DSC_2467
profmarilena: DSC_2598 Ilex in my garden
profmarilena: 2020-12-152pink in my December garden
profmarilena: DSC_2458 primula obconica
profmarilena: Collage113 not much left to feast....
profmarilena: 2020-12-142 pink chrisanthemums
profmarilena: DSC_2550 white orchids
profmarilena: DSC_2186 pears and clementines
profmarilena: Collage48 goodbye sweet autumn
profmarilena: Collage46 Helleborus orientalis
profmarilena: 2020-12-143 Negrita
profmarilena: Collage120 winter impressions
profmarilena: 2020-11-1310 chrisanthemums , still life
profmarilena: DSC_0193 my poor Russo 28.01.2018 - 10.12.2020
profmarilena: 2020-11-162 sadness
profmarilena: DSC_0938 wet but still fragrant
profmarilena: DSC_1122 ambrosia apples , still life
profmarilena: DSC_2262 very sad wet day selfie with my Xmas tree
profmarilena: 2020-11-253-1 bright pink xmas star
profmarilena: DSC_2184 first day without rain
profmarilena: Collage44 raindrops
profmarilena: February 2016 , remembering Portofino
profmarilena: DSC_1753 poinsettia
profmarilena: 2020-10-3113 elegant ageing (in explore)
profmarilena: DSC_1202 on a sunny November day
profmarilena: DSC_1029 sweet red peppers