melliottohaire: Treasure of Hudson Valley
melliottohaire: Welcome Autumn
melliottohaire: Lady in waiting
melliottohaire: Brightening my day
melliottohaire: Tell me a story
melliottohaire: Comfort of Mom
melliottohaire: And a ball of fire emerged
melliottohaire: sunset, when smoke get in your sky
melliottohaire: By request Hollybush farm
melliottohaire: NY grey sky from California jet stream
melliottohaire: Speechless awe Ashokan
melliottohaire: Ashokan's Treasure
melliottohaire: Sitting at heaven's door HBM
melliottohaire: Day break Ashokan
melliottohaire: Love letters
melliottohaire: The cutting HFF
melliottohaire: summer evening
melliottohaire: In wonder
melliottohaire: Tivoli Bay and the Catskills
melliottohaire: Sapphire at the river
melliottohaire: Leaves changing Happy Labor day HBM
melliottohaire: Blushing dawn
melliottohaire: Rise and shine
melliottohaire: Beauty of the flight
melliottohaire: Hollybush Farm
melliottohaire: O Summer's day!
melliottohaire: and the light rain stopped
melliottohaire: Surrender to the light
melliottohaire: Ill dry the slide