melliottohaire: Country roads at sunset
melliottohaire: Enchanting
melliottohaire: Rushing waters
melliottohaire: Inspiration point
melliottohaire: Haines Ny Catskills
melliottohaire: Kaaterskill Falls
melliottohaire: 3 years ago....standing on the edge
melliottohaire: Once upon the fog HFF
melliottohaire: Good Morning
melliottohaire: Autumn flowers
melliottohaire: Walking the line
melliottohaire: Ashokan's Dawn
melliottohaire: Pastels HBM
melliottohaire: Amazing Grace at sunset Burgerhill
melliottohaire: Lost in the moment
melliottohaire: Awakened
melliottohaire: Perfectly Autumn
melliottohaire: And the fog wins HFF
melliottohaire: Welcome October
melliottohaire: Livingston NY
melliottohaire: Till the cows come home
melliottohaire: And the rain is coming
melliottohaire: Clinging to the meadows..
melliottohaire: Writing in the sky
melliottohaire: Heavy fog
melliottohaire: Morning fog Hollybush Farm
melliottohaire: Sunshine on a rainy day!
melliottohaire: purple mountain majesty
melliottohaire: Treasure of Hudson Valley