Karen McQuilkin: Chloe & Cal
neurosheep: ... sometimes things get messy ...
Jan.Timmons: Love these purple cones
crozefeet: 48/52 white stuff flying about
Matt Klassen: The axe forgets; but the tree remembers - African proverb
Boered: The Red Baron - 48/52
meg price: 48/52 Sunshine
Don's PhotoStream: Queen of the Nile
James K *: Cisco pushing his luck...
[rkphoto]: 11/12 Hobbs
Bennilover: Pelican Watch
pkwebb70: Lord of the pond. (Explore)
pkwebb70: Morgan relaxing in the garden.
Grandpops Woodlice: ... Two's company ...
amanick: Rouge la couleur du coeur <3
Jasper's Human: Her World
Dave (www.DogversationsBook.com): 42-52: kissing a frog
smiles7: HSS
Tõnno Paju: After the storm. Norway
cowgirlrightup: "Blow, blow, thou winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man's ingratitude." - William Shakespeare
Claudia Künkel: deep in doglife
pkwebb70: Remembrance Day
James K *: Things go better with...
neurosheep: ... the soul has words as petals ...
d2roberts: 47/52 - Imitation
Jani-Lee: No Fear
Jan.Timmons: A dark and windy day...