Jan.Timmons: Sun makes a difference
Jan.Timmons: Petite bloom
Jan.Timmons: Sparrow in the rain
Jan.Timmons: Vintage?
Jan.Timmons: Tiny blossom
Jan.Timmons: Living in a pandemic
Jan.Timmons: Darkness and light
Jan.Timmons: Lament for a lens
Jan.Timmons: Wild rabbit
Jan.Timmons: Sparrow on a stick answers
Jan.Timmons: Hope continues
Jan.Timmons: Empathy is our lifeline
Jan.Timmons: Crane-fly larva (?) with juvenile robin at sunset
Jan.Timmons: Singing down the sun
Jan.Timmons: Loving the rain
Jan.Timmons: Bee and wildflowers
Jan.Timmons: Selfie after reading news
Jan.Timmons: Hummingbird in flight
Jan.Timmons: Wild daisies in setting sun
Jan.Timmons: A quiet morning
Jan.Timmons: And the soft rain...
Jan.Timmons: A moment of joy
Jan.Timmons: Lucky catch
Jan.Timmons: In my element—at home
Jan.Timmons: A brave female Flicker flight
Jan.Timmons: From out of the sky...
Jan.Timmons: A dark and rainy day #2
Jan.Timmons: A dark and rainy day #1
Jan.Timmons: Male ritual