Jan.Timmons: Dark-eyed beauty
Jan.Timmons: Excuse me!
Jan.Timmons: This morning's feathers
Jan.Timmons: Leaving
Jan.Timmons: Shrike on a stick
Jan.Timmons: Opportunist on a dark and windy day
Jan.Timmons: Today's feathers, #1
Jan.Timmons: Today's feathers in flight, #2
Jan.Timmons: Frost just after sunrise
Jan.Timmons: Yes, we could! #2
Jan.Timmons: Yes, we could, #1
Jan.Timmons: It was a dark and rainy day...
Jan.Timmons: Without an umbrella
Jan.Timmons: A Murder of Crows
Jan.Timmons: cooper’s/sharpie
Jan.Timmons: Hawk profile
Jan.Timmons: Why did you leave?
Jan.Timmons: From this morning, 3 of 3
Jan.Timmons: Looking at you looking at me, perhaps, 2 of 3
Jan.Timmons: Hawk profile, 1 of 3
Jan.Timmons: I am NOT a hawk!
Jan.Timmons: Quoth the er, crow...
Jan.Timmons: Exposing for the light
Jan.Timmons: Happy crabby Monday!
Jan.Timmons: October glory maple and dew
Jan.Timmons: Autumn hues and dew
Jan.Timmons: Sonoma! Wish I could send you rain
Jan.Timmons: More joy in the rain
Jan.Timmons: Joy on a rainy day
Jan.Timmons: October Glory maple and rain