Jan.Timmons: ‘Blue-plate special’
Jan.Timmons: Love of trees
Jan.Timmons: Tiny cone
Jan.Timmons: Tool #2
Jan.Timmons: Rain and leaves
Jan.Timmons: Where's my dinner?!!
Jan.Timmons: Hi! I'm new here
Jan.Timmons: Fighting global warming...
Jan.Timmons: Antique beaded purse
Jan.Timmons: The wonder of fog and webs
Jan.Timmons: String of pearls
Jan.Timmons: A dark and stormy day...
Jan.Timmons: Dew and autumn leaves
Jan.Timmons: Soap-bubble bokeh
Jan.Timmons: Lurking...
Jan.Timmons: I ♡ Northern Flickers ♡
Jan.Timmons: Soap bubble bokeh
Jan.Timmons: A robin restaurant
Jan.Timmons: Shell macro, for MacroMondays
Jan.Timmons: Yey, it is October!
Jan.Timmons: Shells at the beach
Jan.Timmons: Do love dew and fog
Jan.Timmons: NOT Marcel the shell with shoes on…
Jan.Timmons: White-crowned Sparrow...
Jan.Timmons: Oh, I'm a happy Steller's Jay...
Jan.Timmons: Eraser in action: a work in progress
Jan.Timmons: October Glory maple blurs
Jan.Timmons: October Glory Maple glows in morning sun
Jan.Timmons: Wild grasses, about as shot