Jan.Timmons: Rain and sunset light
Jan.Timmons: A walk after rain
Jan.Timmons: Gerbera jamesonii
Jan.Timmons: Measuring love
Jan.Timmons: Crystal symmetry
Jan.Timmons: Another (or the same) female rufous landing in rain
Jan.Timmons: From this morning's rain
Jan.Timmons: Migrants have returned!
Jan.Timmons: Rain—less pollen!
Jan.Timmons: Tulips growing in a barrel
Jan.Timmons: Joy in morning rain
Jan.Timmons: Experimenting 12 years ago
Jan.Timmons: You can see me?
Jan.Timmons: Iditadoggies
Jan.Timmons: Today's visitor
Jan.Timmons: Belly shot
Jan.Timmons: Tiny Kalanchoe flowers
Jan.Timmons: Rain and red berries
Jan.Timmons: Rain and sparrow
Jan.Timmons: A bit of glass—dessert plates
Jan.Timmons: Tiny cone
Jan.Timmons: Tool #2
Jan.Timmons: Rain and leaves
Jan.Timmons: Hi! I'm new here
Jan.Timmons: Antique beaded purse
Jan.Timmons: The wonder of fog and webs
Jan.Timmons: Dew and autumn leaves
Jan.Timmons: Soap-bubble bokeh
Jan.Timmons: I ♡ Northern Flickers ♡