Jan.Timmons: Morning fog
Jan.Timmons: Foggy battle with kicking
Jan.Timmons: A foggy, foggy battle
Jan.Timmons: Fog alert
Jan.Timmons: Curious flock of eyes
Jan.Timmons: (Not) My closest hairy dandelion seed
Jan.Timmons: Baring the bones
Jan.Timmons: Male Wood duck goes for the gold in the olympic landing competition
Jan.Timmons: Dandy seeds — preference?
Jan.Timmons: Dandy seeds — preference?
Jan.Timmons: Wood ducks appear over the hill
Jan.Timmons: A foggy, foggy day—outtake
Jan.Timmons: Wild Wood Duck eyes
Jan.Timmons: Wanna be mine?
Jan.Timmons: New bird and new year!
Jan.Timmons: Feathers in snow
Jan.Timmons: Your move
Jan.Timmons: Northern Flicker intergrade or hybrid reappears
Jan.Timmons: Another dark, rainy day
Jan.Timmons: A moment of sun
Jan.Timmons: One of those days…
Jan.Timmons: Love these purple cones
Jan.Timmons: Rainy morning–in my element
Jan.Timmons: Almost distracted
Jan.Timmons: Put your right foot in...
Jan.Timmons: A dark and windy day...
Jan.Timmons: We write...
Jan.Timmons: Autumn...
Jan.Timmons: Pantone 45-60-C and others
Jan.Timmons: Nature teasing with late light