gskipperii: Tarantula close up-Victorville
gskipperii: Grey Fox blends into fall color-San Gabriel Mountains
gskipperii: Moon Jellyfish and early morning reflection-Monterey Bay
gskipperii: Townsends big eared bat flying in it's cave-Pinnacles NP
gskipperii: Surreal beauty of Mono Lake Tufa
gskipperii: Beautiful autumn colors at bishop creek
gskipperii: South lake fall colors-Bishop creek
gskipperii: Beautiful fall color in bishop creek
gskipperii: American pika is adorable-Saddlebag lake
gskipperii: Alpine Chipmunk at Saddlebag lake
gskipperii: Humpback whale fluke-mb whale watch (1)
gskipperii: humpback whale fin-monterey bay whale watch
gskipperii: Humpback whale breaching-monterey bay whale watch (3)
gskipperii: Five Mule deer bucks-antlerfest- Gaylor lakes Yosemite NP
gskipperii: Pika lets out its famous call-Saddlebag lake
gskipperii: White tailed Jackrabbit-Yosemite-Mono Pass
gskipperii: Canyon Bat during the day-Joshua Tree NP (1)
gskipperii: White Tailed Ptarmigan-Rocky Mountain NP (2)
gskipperii: Thirteen lined ground squirrel-twin buttes lake wyoming
gskipperii: Snowshoe Hare-Storm Point Trail-Yellowstone NP
gskipperii: Yellow bellied Marmot baby is adorable and colorful-Storm Point trail-Yellowstone NP
gskipperii: Moose Momma and Baby-Yellowstone NP (1)
gskipperii: golden mantled ground squirrels-yellowstone (3)
gskipperii: Badger with uinta ground squirrel prey for family-Yellowstone NP
gskipperii: Badger crossing street to hunt for family-Yellowstone NP
gskipperii: American Marten couple arguing-just outside Yellowstone NP
gskipperii: white headed woodpeckers-Mount Pinos
gskipperii: Western Skink with blue tail-Angeles National Forest (1)
gskipperii: Cooper Canyon Falls-angeles forest
gskipperii: long tailed weasel springs into action