gskipperii: american pika hiding in an ancient bristlecone pine- inyo national forest
gskipperii: Momma Bobcat is exhausted- Wind Wolves Preserve
gskipperii: chipmunk-Bishop Creek
gskipperii: chipmunk at bishop creek eastern sierras
gskipperii: Beaver is a handsome devil-mojave river
gskipperii: Beaver is chomping adorably-Mojave River
gskipperii: Flying Burrowing owl-desert hot springs
gskipperii: Burrowing owl family-desert hot springs (1)
gskipperii: Roadrunner Roof Dive- Desert Hot Springs
gskipperii: Bishop Creek North lake Fall Color 2020 (1)
gskipperii: bishop creek fall color 2020
gskipperii: american beaver-mojave river
gskipperii: praying mantis-lake los angeles (2)
gskipperii: praying mantis-lake los angeles (1)
gskipperii: praying mantis-lake la (1)
gskipperii: Jumping spider-victorville
gskipperii: Moose is ripped-grand teton np
gskipperii: Pika foraging-Grand Teton NP
gskipperii: Dark form Marmots-Grand Teton NP
gskipperii: Black bear climibing-Yellowstone NP
gskipperii: Vole-Antelope island sp Utah (2)
gskipperii: Speckled Rattlesnake is very colorful-Joshua Tree NP (2)
gskipperii: Sidewinder-Joshua Tree NP
gskipperii: Roadrunner with lizard prey-snow canyon state park utah
gskipperii: Desert Woodrat's spiky fortress-Joshua Tree NP
gskipperii: Desert Banded Gecko with beautiful Colors-near Joshua Tree NP
gskipperii: Yellow Bellied Marmot-Brian Head Peak Utah
gskipperii: vermilion flycatcher-pearblossom california (2)
gskipperii: Utah Prairie dogs-Bryce Canyon NP
gskipperii: Utah Prairie dog-bryce canyon np (6)