eckehart: 2020-05-02_17-18-50_RX10M4_573mm_(1!320s_F4.0_ISO800)_DxO
Jambo Jambo: Tra i due litiganti.....
Scott Severn: Red-winged Blackbird telling me to get out of his flight path
Scott Severn: Gray Fox napping
Scott Severn: Mom feeding fish to the eaglets
Scott Severn: Watching the Quail
grigory24: Colorado Desert Shovelnose Snake
jgoulet005: Squirrel shenanigans
ditteeb: Eurasian red Squirrel
ditteeb: Eurasian Red Squirrel
hennessy.barb: Hooded Merganser
Fernando Domínguez Magarín: Búho real (Bubo bubo)
Wendy E. Miller: Golden eagle and hecklers
weezerbee9: European Goldfinch - Madrona Marsh
weezerbee9: GAK!!!
weezerbee9: Common Poorwill - Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica
weezerbee9: White-tailed Kite - Ballona Freshwater Marsh
Marc Briggs: Gold lake pines
Marc Briggs: Sleepy head
Marc Briggs: Snack time
Marc Briggs: Agree to disagree
Fernando Domínguez Magarín: Abubilla (Upupa epops)
Fernando Domínguez Magarín: Diagonal. Tema de la semana
Fernando Domínguez Magarín: Búho real (Bubo bubo)
Fernando Domínguez Magarín: Lechuza común (Tito alba)
Fernando Domínguez Magarín: Águila real (Aquila chrysaetos)