D~P~B: Penny's from heaven
D~P~B: Winter at the beach
D~P~B: Winter mood
D~P~B: The old leader of the pride
D~P~B: Natural arch
D~P~B: Solar powered
D~P~B: The old guard
D~P~B: Watch your step
D~P~B: The lonely surfer waits for her wave
D~P~B: Christmas surfin'
D~P~B: "The mighty oak was once a little nut who stood its ground." unknown
D~P~B: Old oak's home
D~P~B: The Ancient Oak
D~P~B: The dance
D~P~B: Splish Splash
D~P~B: Seminole lands
D~P~B: Osceola & the Second Seminole War
D~P~B: Zahra
D~P~B: Explore your world
D~P~B: Forest road
D~P~B: Gentle giant
D~P~B: Mirror mirror on the wall...
D~P~B: Time for a swim
D~P~B: Coming in for a landing
D~P~B: Hurricane Eta coming a shore
D~P~B: The birds always have the best view.
D~P~B: A much needed distraction from all of the noise
D~P~B: Philippe Park
D~P~B: Golden hour bald eagle
D~P~B: Enjoying their island home for the fall and winter