D~P~B: Quiet moments with Kembe
D~P~B: Angel cloud
D~P~B: Finding peace in the chaos
D~P~B: The King
D~P~B: Time for a snack
D~P~B: I am thinking of employing Simon's social distancing techniques
D~P~B: In the spotlight
D~P~B: Colorful storm
D~P~B: No matter that challenges we face, at the end of the day there is still this.
D~P~B: Time stands still
D~P~B: Meeting a new friend while trying to get lost in the woods
D~P~B: Looking forward to eventually hiking again.
D~P~B: Quarantine- a day in the life
D~P~B: Little Oliver enjoying his peanut butter bubble enrichment.
D~P~B: Do not leave home
D~P~B: Spring wildflowers are starting early
D~P~B: Surfer Girl
D~P~B: The shape of water
D~P~B: The next generation
D~P~B: Groomin' on a Sunday afternoon
D~P~B: Oliver crossing the river
D~P~B: A fleeting moment of connection with Kembe
D~P~B: Some handle winter a bit differently than others
D~P~B: The Road Not Taken
D~P~B: Starting to feel like winter.
D~P~B: Those mornings when all you want to do is cuddle up with something and do a whole lot of nothing.
D~P~B: Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water
D~P~B: Kabisa: The hard work of her trainer is reflected in her eye
D~P~B: Oak canopy
D~P~B: Multi-tasking- keeping her eye on me while having a drink