D~P~B: Time for a swim
D~P~B: Coming in for a landing
D~P~B: Hurricane Eta coming a shore
D~P~B: The birds always have the best view.
D~P~B: A much needed distraction from all of the noise
D~P~B: Philippe Park
D~P~B: Golden hour bald eagle
D~P~B: Enjoying their island home for the fall and winter
D~P~B: Grace in motion
D~P~B: Flying free
D~P~B: Dinner flyover
D~P~B: A little spark off in the distance
D~P~B: Order in the chaos
D~P~B: Light speed (check), Ridiculous speed (check), and now reaching Ludicrous Speed!!
D~P~B: Sunset after a long rainy day. The bolts off in the distance were an added plus.
D~P~B: King Simon
D~P~B: Another season nearly over
D~P~B: The sky is having a hard time containing itself.
D~P~B: :) :) :)
D~P~B: Watching the storm roll in
D~P~B: Sunsets are even better with lightning.
D~P~B: Regal Kembe
D~P~B: Views from my kayak
D~P~B: Buck stepping out of the shadows
D~P~B: The many twists and turns
D~P~B: Kembe
D~P~B: Going back to 2014
D~P~B: Nope, I haven't seen your cookies anywhere. What makes you think I took them?
D~P~B: Quiet moments with Kembe
D~P~B: Angel cloud