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opie0429: 2021-11-17_04-10-27
opie0429: 2021-09-18_10-20-08
opie0429: IMG_0907
opie0429: 2163380
opie0429: 2021-10-20_03-07-33
The White House: P20210805AS-1358
Ellsasha: Magenta
Erbin D'kay: repetition
Erbin D'kay: shapes
Scott 97006: What Is More Important
Scott 97006: Ode to Seth Johnson
BielePix: The Missing Sock is back...just before the Blizzard comes...lucky day :-)
Rob-Shanghai: Speed Walk
BT67247: BN in Wayne, MT
dcdhe: In America:Remember, Washington, DC (2021)
eyedocal: SpaceX launch...Inspiration4
Dan Elms Photography: untitled-3189
Nikkis Fotosite: Kanne 26092021NIKI2524
Nature as Art Photography: Sunset on the Severn River
Nature as Art Photography: Severn River Bridge
opie0429: IMG_0740
BT67247: BNSF in Warsaw, IN
dcdhe: Constitution Gardens, Washington, DC (2021)
dcdhe: Boeing 737 Taking Off at Reagan National Airport (DCA) (2021)
dcdhe: United States Capitol, Washington, DC (2021)
dcdhe: Washington Monument, Washington, DC (2021)
dcdhe: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC (2021)