crziebird: "A gate to nature is a gate to heaven"
crziebird: Friday Night Photo Art
crziebird: "I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen!"
crziebird: Backyard Birds Running A Muck...
crziebird: Saturday Night Photo Art
crziebird: "Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you"
crziebird: When a cardinal appears, a love one is near
crziebird: Whimsy #7 - Talking to the Moon
crziebird: When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden. – Minnie Aumonier
crziebird: Red Japanese Maple
crziebird: “On the other side of this darkness, a new day will slowly dawn.” – Corban Addison
crziebird: "Be like a dandelion, whenever they fall apart, they start again"
crziebird: Little Flowers Everywhere
crziebird: There is so much hope in a little flower....
crziebird: There is a window from one heart to another heart ~ Rumi
crziebird: Inside looking out
crziebird: Juvenile Ibis
crziebird: "A flowing robe on a noble lady" ~ The great egret
crziebird: Whimsy #6 ~ The Gathering
crziebird: A little photo art on a grey day ... iPhone fun
crziebird: Sunset, Facing East :) ONC
crziebird: Whimsy #5 The Party Is Over Here
crziebird: I just love the smiley face... can you see it?
crziebird: Town Dock, ONC
crziebird: Sunrise on the Banks of the Neuse
crziebird: Mattamuskeet in Color
crziebird: Simplicity is Complex
crziebird: A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood
crziebird: "I'm currently not speaking to you"
crziebird: Up, up, and away...