Himadri .: Lady and the friend. Centre of the universe.
Himadri .: PSA: The world is in your hands. And, around you.
Himadri .: Give everyday the chance to be the best day of your life. So what can I do today ?
Himadri .: Thing
Himadri .: The beauty in chaos, and the disorderly.
Himadri .: Seven days walking
Himadri .: There’s a field somewhere beyond all ideas of doubt and wrongdoing. I’ll meet you there. - Rumi
RobertDicks2: Rare Sunday brunch out
RobertDicks2: Rain doesn't stop deliveries
RobertDicks2: Pretty good gift from Santa
RobertDicks2: Out for coffee with my daughter
RobertDicks2: Quiet night at the train station
RobertDicks2: Rainy morning walk in the 'hood
RobertDicks2: Trying something new
RobertDicks2: Local garden cat appears again
RobertDicks2: I guess they used this hose at some point
RobertDicks2: Hmmm. Safety pins in the neurologist's office.
RobertDicks2: Trying to learn how to shoot a moving train
RobertDicks2: Waiting for me at breakfast every morning
RobertDicks2: Happier times in Half Moon Bay
RobertDicks2: Just to get going in the morning
RobertDicks2: Experiment with a film simulation
RobertDicks2: Sunny days are not too bad around here
RobertDicks2: Daisy likes to people watch
kr1227: The Mall , Sofia
ab.130722jvkz: Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain
austindca: milkweed bug in the garden
pkappina69: Pienza
pkappina69: Pienza
pkappina69: Pienza