Carouge5: A face for TV not Radio!
Carouge5: Mother and son!
Carouge5: Isla de los Lobos, Feuteventura from Lanzarote
Carouge5: What a voice!
Carouge5: Keep going Maria.
Carouge5: Gone Fishing
Carouge5: Looking at life through rose tinted glasses or is it simply the beer.
Carouge5: Love this Hotel
Carouge5: Sunset in Puerto del Carmen
Carouge5: Thoughtful!
Carouge5: Arrecife
Carouge5: Sunset Puerto Del Carmen
Carouge5: Full Moon El Charco
Carouge5: How you doing?
Carouge5: Drummer Los Salvapanatellas
Carouge5: Mr Lanzarote
Carouge5: Look at me, are you serious?
Carouge5: Such a great concert!
Carouge5: I'm getting married in the morning!
Carouge5: Our only fan tonight!
Carouge5: Everyone loves a selfie.
Carouge5: Did I say somethingwrong?
Carouge5: Deep in thought!
Carouge5: What am I looking at?
Carouge5: Lanzarote Teguise artist, thre every Sunday Market.
Carouge5: 1 1 IMG_5046
Carouge5: Girl in Costa Teguise
Carouge5: Lanzarote
Carouge5: Natural beauty!
Carouge5: Flowers can grow on you!