Carouge5: Making a statement!
Carouge5: Late evening El Charco
Carouge5: The long journey home.
Carouge5: Golf - La Santa
Carouge5: A quick glance!
Carouge5: Cheers!
Carouge5: Sunset El Golfo
Carouge5: Time keeps passing by!
Carouge5: Just remember, I am the boss in these parts!
Carouge5: Absorbing.
Carouge5: Sunset - El Golfo
Carouge5: Lanzarote - the land of lava and wine!
Carouge5: I'm expecting another beautiful day tomorrow!
Carouge5: I need a drink it's so warm!
Carouge5: I am sure the sun will be back tomorrow.
Carouge5: I see you!
Carouge5: Being entertained!
Carouge5: When you have an itch!
Carouge5: All alone on the beach
Carouge5: Keep on running.
Carouge5: Now what shall I have?
Carouge5: Happiness is a glass of wine!
Carouge5: El Charco de San Giles (evening)
Carouge5: Walk and talk!
Carouge5: Local in Teguise.
Carouge5: Long road to Famara.
Carouge5: Always plenty of light!
Carouge5: Is this love or the wine talking?
Carouge5: November on the beach in the Canaries.
Carouge5: On reflection!