Carouge5: August Dawn
Carouge5: On Golden Canal
Carouge5: Another dawn
Carouge5: Early catch!
Carouge5: Early July morning.
Carouge5: Swans in flight.
Carouge5: Freshly mown fields!
Carouge5: Evening in July 2020
Carouge5: Reflections between showers
Carouge5: Singing Robin
Carouge5: Morning Glory in June Sunrise.
Carouge5: So hot!
Carouge5: Summer Solstice 2020.... end of a long day!
Carouge5: Can you see the face?
Carouge5: He's looking at me!
Carouge5: Still life Monet.
Carouge5: All quiet after the storm.
Carouge5: Independence Day
Carouge5: Storm Brewing!
Carouge5: Standing proud.
Carouge5: June Sunset
Carouge5: Swan
Carouge5: May Dawn
Carouge5: Flag.
Carouge5: May dawn.
Carouge5: Feeding time!
Carouge5: Same bird different genes?
Carouge5: Evening meal on its way.
Carouge5: Where's the family gone?
Carouge5: Fields of Gold