Carouge5: October -Summers Over!
Carouge5: October morning
Carouge5: Autumnal Equinox Sept 21 2021
Carouge5: Harvest Moon 2021
Carouge5: Bumble Bee
Carouge5: Comma
Carouge5: Red Admiral
Carouge5: Good Morning September
Carouge5: September Web
Carouge5: September Dew
Carouge5: September Dawn 2021
Carouge5: Keeping them in their place!
Carouge5: August Saturday morning
Carouge5: Country Park
Carouge5: Mid August
Carouge5: Gathered together!
Carouge5: Broad-leaved Marsh Orchid
Carouge5: Early June Refections
Carouge5: December moorings.
Carouge5: December morn
Carouge5: Early December
Carouge5: Caleta
Carouge5: End of November and the end of another day.
Carouge5: Another covid sunset!
Carouge5: November sunrise
Carouge5: Canary sunset November
Carouge5: Warm evening in PDC
Carouge5: Another day over
Carouge5: November Evening on a desert island.
Carouge5: November Sunset