Carouge5: Caleta
Carouge5: End of November and the end of another day.
Carouge5: Another covid sunset!
Carouge5: November sunrise
Carouge5: Canary sunset November
Carouge5: Warm evening in PDC
Carouge5: Another day over
Carouge5: November Evening on a desert island.
Carouge5: November Sunset
Carouge5: Greylag Goose
Carouge5: 'Cheese'
Carouge5: On duty!
Carouge5: October flight.
Carouge5: Damp September dawn!
Carouge5: 'Hi brother!'
Carouge5: Good morning.
Carouge5: Late summer sky
Carouge5: Autumn by the canal
Carouge5: October first day.
Carouge5: September closes!
Carouge5: Sun coming through.
Carouge5: Autumn Equinox 2020
Carouge5: 1 6J1A1093 1
Carouge5: September Dawn
Carouge5: 1 6J1A1055
Carouge5: Autumn Equinox
Carouge5: Flying lessons over now rest!
Carouge5: And the cow prepared to jump over the SUN!
Carouge5: Finely balanced!
Carouge5: Early September Dawn