Carouge5: October first day.
Carouge5: September closes!
Carouge5: Sun coming through.
Carouge5: Autumn Equinox 2020
Carouge5: 1 6J1A1093 1
Carouge5: September Dawn
Carouge5: 1 6J1A1055
Carouge5: Autumn Equinox
Carouge5: Flying lessons over now rest!
Carouge5: And the cow prepared to jump over the SUN!
Carouge5: Finely balanced!
Carouge5: Early September Dawn
Carouge5: Dreams
Carouge5: The quiet before the storm.
Carouge5: Inquisitive stoat.
Carouge5: Coming in to land.
Carouge5: Late August evening on Chat Moss
Carouge5: Resting after a hard August day.
Carouge5: Road to the clouds
Carouge5: Another beautiful warm day in Summer
Carouge5: Very warm August morning!
Carouge5: Warm August evening.
Carouge5: August Dawn
Carouge5: On Golden Canal
Carouge5: Another dawn
Carouge5: Early catch!
Carouge5: Early July morning.
Carouge5: Swans in flight.
Carouge5: Freshly mown fields!
Carouge5: Evening in July 2020