zoombablog: ... can we go swimming already?
zoombablog: about fishing.. and preparation for fishing
zoombablog: transparent clear
zoombablog: vet visit
zoombablog: Mother of the camp
zoombablog: visit of the vet to the Kazakh camp
zoombablog: the sand is moving
zoombablog: striped track
zoombablog: who did not hide - it is not my fault
zoombablog: There comes a point when you can't wait to jump into the saddle
zoombablog: The dark knight returns on too much light side
zoombablog: one more exposure
zoombablog: Lyrical digression about the tests of equipment
zoombablog: control shot
zoombablog: boys & balls
zoombablog: A lyrical digression into the preparation of equipment
zoombablog: hospitable owner of the yurt
zoombablog: at the base of the hill
zoombablog: sarlyks ​​on the slope
zoombablog: horses at our mountain camp
zoombablog: morning at our mountain camp
zoombablog: house in one hour
zoombablog: Kazakh yurt as a model of the world
zoombablog: whats behind me
zoombablog: in a fast world, slow life is still possible
zoombablog: film - band on the move. Mongolian Altai
zoombablog: My working moment during the filming
zoombablog: house in one hour
zoombablog: disappearing round ghost house
zoombablog: Kazakh camels in our camp in the Mongolian Altai