Yo Roo: Let me watch the dressing start to peel.
Yo Roo: This ain’t Texas. Ain’t no hold ‘em. So lay your cards down.
Yo Roo: Fear me or love, it’s all the same.
Yo Roo: All I am is smoke and mirrors, and Maybelline.
Yo Roo: Cyber Fair 2024 - coming soon!
Yo Roo: One of these days coming, I’m gonna take that boy’s crown.
Yo Roo: I want a love that’s made of blood and muscle.
Yo Roo: Dust and devils on my conscience. Come back to me, darlin.
Yo Roo: Want you praying on your knees for me.
Yo Roo: Don’t you let this flame burn out.
Yo Roo: Just call me alpha.
Yo Roo: I won’t beg for a love that I deserve.
Yo Roo: They made me a shadow and blackened my bones. But I will rise.
Yo Roo: I can’t wait to break the machine.
Yo Roo: I'm starving, darling. Let me put my lips to something.
Yo Roo: Maybe it's the chaos that I need.
Yo Roo: Stay with me, darling.
Yo Roo: I feel holy when I when I raise hell.
Yo Roo: Will you be my breath through the deep, deep water?
Yo Roo: Kerosene is half as cheap as therapy.
Yo Roo: Start a tiny riot. Stop being so goddamn quiet.
Yo Roo: Messed with the wrong bitch in the wrong era.
Yo Roo: In the wreckage of Mercy, our tale begun.
Yo Roo: I’m a shadow. I stand with the lost souls.
Yo Roo: Something in the orange tells me you're never coming home.
Yo Roo: Ladies first, baby, I insist.
Yo Roo: I wear your love like a blindfold.
Yo Roo: I’ve got that lightning inside me. Son of a God.
Yo Roo: My lungs say that I'm breathing. But when did my heart stop beating?
Yo Roo: Baby, how you feeling? Breaking that glass ceiling.