Yo Roo: Hit with a sucker punch. Bet you thought I was giving up.
Yo Roo: Playtime's over, take a step back.
Yo Roo: I might just kick your butt, go run amok then paint my nails.
Yo Roo: I did my best to tame the beast that cries my name.
Yo Roo: Skin like rust. Heart of stone. Gonna grind you up to dust and bone.
Yo Roo: Pretty little flower, won't you sit back down and go play nice?
Yo Roo: It’s a long way down to the bottom of the river.
Yo Roo: Spare the sympathy. Everybody wants to be my enemy.
Yo Roo: I will not bow down to any mortal being.
Yo Roo: Everything I hold dear resides in those eyes.
Yo Roo: I'll take this red ribbon, stitch my heart together and I know I'll be fine.
Yo Roo: Reaching for the top, the rest of you can watch.
Yo Roo: I look good in my Versace dress. But I'm hotter when my morning hair's a mess.
Yo Roo: Your lips taste like burnt sugar now.
Yo Roo: Beauty and truth collide.
Yo Roo: I've got a lot of sins, but you're my favorite.
Yo Roo: Let me show you my darkness.
Yo Roo: Even with my hand still shaking, I’ll face my demon.
Yo Roo: I’ma rise up like the legends of old. Brighter than gold.
Yo Roo: Baby, you can't save me. Learn to love the Hell I'm raising.
Yo Roo: Temptation on my lips, seal it with a kiss.
Yo Roo: The holy grail of fairy tales calls to me, and I've become my own queen.
Yo Roo: I’m pulling my weight in gold.
Yo Roo: The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
Yo Roo: Show me your eyes, as mine scream save me now.
Yo Roo: All the girls that came before were easy. Before you met me.
Yo Roo: There's an evidence of you in every corner of this life.
Yo Roo: Wake me up when it's all over.
Yo Roo: I'm a straight up killer. And I'ma eat you for dinner.
Yo Roo: If I die in your arms, it's right where I'm supposed to be.