yeahwotever: Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, Havana.
yeahwotever: Off the Malecón.
yeahwotever: Carcel y San Lazaro, Havana.
yeahwotever: Pinocchio
yeahwotever: Window view.
yeahwotever: Demolished
yeahwotever: Fiat - Fix It Again Tony
yeahwotever: Mechanic and Supervisor.
yeahwotever: 16:35 to Matanzas.
yeahwotever: Other end of #703.
yeahwotever: Chev Crossing.
yeahwotever: The 16:35 train driver.
yeahwotever: Change at Hershey.
yeahwotever: Ferro Carril Crucero
yeahwotever: Chev Taxi in Havana
yeahwotever: Passenger in denim.
yeahwotever: Cool Cabbie
yeahwotever: Some great lines.
yeahwotever: Gentrification.
yeahwotever: Havana breakfast / Desayuno Habana.
yeahwotever: Apartment living.
yeahwotever: Light Roadster.
yeahwotever: D DED Dodge
yeahwotever: Havana chit chat.
yeahwotever: Havana service bay.
yeahwotever: Vacant at Muralla and Mercaderes.
yeahwotever: Family on the move.
yeahwotever: Haulin' Ass.
yeahwotever: Neptuno at Industria
yeahwotever: Cafeteria Payret Creams