Analogue Large Format Portrait of Nicole
Peter Beljaards: Sculpture of Vladimir Lenin on a brick wall Behrenstraße Berlin Germany.
trip_mode: Decayed textile factory
Gentleman-of-Decay: Abandoned school
Annalisa Grassi: Accomodati sulla poltroncina...
Jo Datou: Dachboden-Turnhalle / attic gym
Sperrgebiet: Soviet gym in a roof. Left (on yellow ground) the exercise the soldiers had to fulfill at the horizontal bar in the frist year service. The exercises for 2. und 3. year are not visible anymore or were never finish.
trip_mode: Yellow mess abandoned cinema in cambodia
Fallowsite: Marche à l'ombre.
riccardoziosi: White room
ilyapetrusenko: Valerija Sestic
James Kerwin Photographic: Ferns figure in folklore
glotAbarm: worker woman
MOTH ART: Alexia
Dr. Baab: Abandoned Space
_ghosty_: Пинск / Pinsk
qwz: DSC01283
Jo Datou: СПОРТ
staubkiste: Verblassende Vergangenheit
Konik27: GZ5B0524
Fen59: Универсал-2