wx412: Buttermilk Falls
wx412: COVID-19 #2. Shut Down
wx412: COVID-19 #1. Plexiglas Checkout Counters
wx412: Red
wx412: Harris Theater Sign
wx412: Spirit Airlines / Airbus A320-232 / N601NK
wx412: United Airlines / Boeing 737-824 / N76502
wx412: Oakmont Winter #2
wx412: Oakmont Winter #1
wx412: Torquing a Cylinder Head
wx412: Timing Belt
wx412: Red Bottomed Clouds
wx412: Rolling Hills Sunset
wx412: Heinz
wx412: Allegheny River After Dawn
wx412: Pittsburgh Morning
wx412: Pittsburgh Buildings #1
wx412: Sunrise Along the Monongahela River
wx412: Winter Reprieve
wx412: Electric Light
wx412: Snowstorm
wx412: Winter Forests and Windy Roads
wx412: White 4x4
wx412: A Cozy Cabin in the Winter Woods
wx412: Snow Covered Valley
wx412: Blockdale St
wx412: Twisted Tree #2
wx412: Twisted Tree #1
wx412: Keystone Punchdown