milovancevic.tanja: Chenonceau, France
onucandu: Morning Sun
melvhsc100: MONTI @ the Fullerton Pavilion Singapore
melvhsc100: The Fullerton In Pink
warner52: Sunshine after the Rain
hu3rt: Hydrangea
s0340248: DSC23816 Test SEL 20mm_f2,8
s0340248: DSC23801 Test SEL 20mm_f2,8
s0340248: DSC23798 Test SEL 20mm_f2,8
Raffa2112: Pozzanghera - Puddle
Andreva Rahmawan Hidayat: Argo Wilis Train : KA Argo Wilis dan Tikungan Alpukat Lebakjero
rons_studio: orchid_100
anthonynixon17: Kingfisher.
clopon3: Brumes du soir...
Geraldine Curtis: The Buxton Crescent Hotel, Derbyshire
Grisley Two at Ipernity now: Cattle in the mist
Don's PhotoStream: Wet Feathers... Warm Heart
GIIBRG: Up Periscope!
natureflower photography: Hidden gems - the art of nature.
Davydutchy: 1970 Volkswagen 1302 LS convertible
Halliwell_Michael ## keep smiling ##: Into the distance .........
stag35v8: I do love it this time of year (November) when the sun sets over the sea.
Roger Wasley: Woodchat Shrike - Lanius senator
l4ts: River Derwent
myoldpostcards: Arcade Building, South Side Of Courthouse Square, Lincoln, Illinois
Timallen: A distant Curbar Edge
The Pocket Rocket: Early morning fun at the beach.