World-viewer: Swells
World-viewer: City streets
World-viewer: Cape Perpetua
World-viewer: Spouting Horn - Near Thor’s Well, OR
World-viewer: Rocky outcrop
World-viewer: Storm clouds
World-viewer: Dark City
World-viewer: Summer sunset
World-viewer: Sunset walkers
World-viewer: A bong for every occasion
World-viewer: To howl with abandon or let out but a gentle growl?
World-viewer: Trying to capture the “green flash”
World-viewer: Aerial shoot in progress
World-viewer: Foggy conditions
World-viewer: Like weeds in the wind
World-viewer: Of steel and shadows
World-viewer: Under the electric stars
World-viewer: Sanctuary
World-viewer: Autum tree-side sunset
World-viewer: Come see the roiling sea
World-viewer: Downtown downpour
World-viewer: Dog walkers
World-viewer: The other side
World-viewer: Rained out streets of winter
World-viewer: The Ascent
World-viewer: Lazy covid-summer evening
World-viewer: Renewal
World-viewer: Skyscraper sunset
World-viewer: Windy day
World-viewer: Do not disturb. Photographers at work.