World-viewer: The Ascent
World-viewer: Lazy covid-summer evening
World-viewer: Renewal
World-viewer: Skyscraper sunset
World-viewer: Windy day
World-viewer: Do not disturb. Photographers at work.
World-viewer: Silent Conversations
World-viewer: T’was a dark and
World-viewer: Bridge over (now cleaner) waters
World-viewer: Beach writer
World-viewer: Seagull: Zero-two alpha: Target acquired. Beginning run.
World-viewer: You better run
World-viewer: Thor’s well that ends well
World-viewer: Break on through to the other side..
World-viewer: A bridge not too far
World-viewer: Parallel universe
World-viewer: In the midst of the apocalypse...
World-viewer: Zeitgeist
World-viewer: Evening solace;-before the apocalypse, when herds of wild humans roamed the coast
World-viewer: Deception Pass
World-viewer: Halcyon days...before the apocalypse
World-viewer: We will get to the other side!
World-viewer: At loggerheads
World-viewer: The Earth Strikes Back
World-viewer: The ocean, doing its thing
World-viewer: A low winter’s sun silhouettes a pair of gargantuan, glistening, brass balls, as the manly mast stands erect and proud, swinging in the air.
World-viewer: Into the storm
World-viewer: Black Butte
World-viewer: Watch out! Something large this way comes!
World-viewer: Winter sky